Mindful Bookkeeping
Mindful Bookkeeping
Bookkeeping & Profit Solutions for Mindful Businesses

Mindful Bookkeeping
Financial Freedom

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Helping mindful entrepreneurs gain financial freedom by taking care of their business finances with a mindful and holistic approach.

I help you solve problems, increase your profit and cash flow, notice trends and suggest improvements. By working with me, you’ll clearly understand your business finances, allowing you to make confident decisions.

I’m your mindful bookkeeper and proactive partner.

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Who I Work With & Why

While I can likely provide value to any small business, I specialize in the following due to my deep connection with each. Playing a role in the growth of these fields is my dream and current purpose.

Meditation - As a daily practitioner of mindfulness myself, I realize the profound benefits of it. Hence Mindful Berry and my approach to bookkeeping. Society needs more mindfulness.

Yoga - Meditation naturally lead into yoga for me. I’m vowing to practice daily in 2019 and beyond. Society needs more flexibility mentally and physically. Yoga takes care of the physical aspect.

Holistic Health & Alternative Medicine - I’ve always been interested in health and wellness thanks to my parents, but only realized the importance of approaching it from a holistic viewpoint since 2009. This includes alternative and complimentary medicines such as chiropractic and acupuncture.

I also have a keen interest in these fields: golf, basketball, all other sports, real food, sustainable & mindful farming, travel, minimalism, photography, blogging, podcasting and other online creatives.

Have a business in none of the above?

No worries! If we connect well and I’m certain I can add immense value to you and your business, then I’d love to work with you. We can begin to find out in a 10-15 minute phone call.